Glass Slipper.

I can relate emphatically to the story of Cinderella.

If there was ever a more shy, overlooked bookworm in high school/college; I was her. Sure, my singing skills came short of making mice sew dresses or portly women appear to turn literal tricks on pumpkins…but I possessed her same vacant gaze and introversion. I, even at six feet tall, blended into the bland blue color on my high school’s lockers and fading orange cafeteria benches. Besides my slightly above average smarts, reputation as a choir nerd, and “church girl”, there was nothing else to specify about me.

Or so I thought…

The majority shrugged at my existence, allowing me to float just above loaner-dom. I was the epitome of middle class. No one ridiculed me, but no one sought me out either.

So it was with my love life.

I have only one guy to speak of for my high school years. But he was a 9th grader (while I was in the 10th). Naturally, our relationship was short lived, no matter how keen. I would say that he was the only boy up until that point that not only cared if I existed. But actually did something about it.

Getting back to Cinderella. I dreamed of a great love story where my heart would get caught in the undertow of passion…as dramatic as that sounds. My evil stepmother, in my case, was my own fear. I sat all by my lonesome and dreamed about the exact moment when someone would look past my plain, humble appearance and see beauty. Like I mentioned earlier, it is possible to be SO tall and yet ignored.

Fast forward to my college years…

Even as a freshman, the mindset of blending in continued to be my philosophy of choice. The only place where I allowed my mind freedom to roam was while writing. And he* noticed.

Not simply giving me a passing glance combined with a “Hey. Nice poetry there shawty.” Actually noticed. Meaning, he cared what I did with my gift. Shortly after meeting him, he encouraged me read my poetry aloud. For the very first time ever.

I had moments where I sneaked away to wear the finest garments, but thought it was short-lived. And I ran back towards my niche where I was comfortable being ignored. He knew the expensive glass slipper was more befitting of my worth. He was certain it belonged to me and no one else. Not only that, but just like Cinderella’s prince, he was adamant to find her.

What’s more, is that he didn’t want to hide me away like a prized trophy. He knew that I, along with my giftings, belonged to God. And whatever way I can use it to touch the world, I should…I must do it. No more hiding. No more blending in.






*Isn’t it great that I’m gonna marry this guy in a matter of months? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Glass Slipper.

  1. Hee hee…oh, I wonder who you’re talking about?

    Even if no one sees you or your work, HE does. He’s watching you, and guiding you everysinglestepoftheway.


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