Wishlist [Repost]

I want to be wealthy, but live especially below my means.
With a warm, welcoming house to raise my kids in; one that will grow up with them.
And a room full of books and a large window where my spouse and I can write and read.
I want the biggest room to be the kitchen…
And I want to be able to see the stars at night, and have a back yard in case we decide to get a dog.
I want to grow my own vegetables.
[I can picture helping my little girl plant her first batch of tulips.]
I want laughter, joy, and chaos.
A messy house every now and then.
Mischief on Saturday mornings and intimate whispers late at night.I want adventures that were not planned or expected.
I want to love on children that aren’t my own.
And write for the rest of my life; never retiring from it.
I want to love/be with my best friend for the rest of my days, and have children that will have his kindness and my strength. I want him next to me as we introduce life’s adventures to them.
I want to hold & kiss my great-grandchildren.
I want to touch people’s lives by acting out God’s love.
Be a walking, breathing message that He is real.
I want to leave the world having gave all I had; leaving my best behind for my children.
I want to grow wiser with age, but keep a youthful heart.
To love my full head of gray hair and worn hands.
I want my inner beauty to grow as my body’s slowly dims.
And live my life as one, huge act of gratitude…


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