Love in Plain Clothes {Thoughts on My Marriage}

I have been married for 45 days.

After reading dozens of blogs prior to the Big Day, I deducted that the chaos of wedding planning and having the attention of your entire family, social circle, and every wedding vendor within 50 miles would diminish; leading to an expected “blues period”. My husband and I joked that we’d welcome the inactivity and run full force into the aforementioned black hole. Or blue hole, rather.

In less than 50 days, I’ve been challenged & pushed in almost every area of my life. One thing piled on top of another. If there are any minors reading, know this: being an adult sucks. Almost all of the time. There are shining moments where success and love make it all worthwhile. But generally, I long for the days of nap-taking and passing my pre-algebra class.

…but I digress.

I have seen just how strong my husband is as a partner. Because he has stood firmly. Despite his weaker moments (e.g. getting suddenly let go from his job), I have an odd calm about whatever trouble we may face. Foremost, because I am learning to trust God more. Oddly enough, His response to this effort is personified in my spouse. God, in his wisdom and with slight sense of humor and irony, reveals a portion of his care and relentless protective nature through a man with whom I share bills, a bed, and a home.

Let’s be real here. I’m only 20-30% marinating in the mushy, “newly-married”/”honeymoon phase” train of thought. Yes, I’m clearly a newlywed. But I remember what it was like doing this alone. Equipped, yes. But alone.

And I don’t have to anymore.


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