Green Grass.

Today is Valentine’s Day.

Since this is my first Feb. 14th as a married lady, I initially wanted to revolt against this day. Backwards, I know. But I felt a tinge of anxiety because I felt a growing obligation to either:

a)Brag about how awesome my new hubby treated me today.

b)Avoid offending unmarried/single people who may feel apprehensive about this pagan holiday…

 Somewhere around 9:37 pm last night, I decided to do neither of those things. I’ll simply state a few things, instead…

1. I’m 27. I waited and endured my own personal hell/inadequacies while single, and now that I’m not single, I am going to enjoy it. Why shush  my own desire to celebrate my husband because you may feel a tad envious?

2. Many singles LOVE being single. After a rough season, I enjoyed it also. 

3. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. 

4. God is Love. And He loves all of us. Based on that fact alone, He monopolizes this whole holiday. 

5. Singles who are annoyed with this day should really check their hearts. 

6. (And most importantly) We are such discontented people. Instead of being content with where we are, and make the most of the current season, we’d rather focus our energies on desiring the next stage. I remember crying about not being engaged to my then-boyfriend…I felt it was time. I saw little evidence that it wasn’t time because I wanted what I wanted. I couldn’t see that there are alot more important factors involved besides my own happiness. 

And that’s where the “the grass isn’t always greener” analogy comes in…Image

It’s all a myth. There is no greener grass. No other side. Just a wide open field with a man-created boundary. And God never created it to have a boundary. Simply for you to travel this life following His lead. Enjoying every step. Enduring every hardship. 

Because, as I’ve seen in almost 9 months in a new season, with a new relationship status:

With each new season, there are tougher  challenges. And I thank God that He didn’t allow me to move into a new season with old mindsets & resources. 



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