Bed-rest: Photo Summary

Fetal Monitoring

I’d do it all over again for her.


2 thoughts on “Bed-rest: Photo Summary

  1. So Brittney, somehow I have totally missed that you have a blog. Reading over your bedrest posts brings back so many memories for me, some more bitter than sweet. We got pregnant with Kaleb after only 3 months of marriage. It was shocking, but more shock was to come. I was on bedrest the first and third trimesters. No one understands what that’s like unless they have had to do it. It was a true test of my will, my mind, and definitely my body. Fast-forward to today… despite the trials of those months, our son is perfectly healthy, though he inherited his dad’s allergy-induced asthma. (That’s certainly manageable.) He is a strapping six feet of intelligence, quirkiness, and tons of awesome humor! He’ll be 19 in June and is even more of a blessing than we could have ever expected. I know that not everyone’s story is the same, but we do serve the same God and He always takes care of us. Your little girl is in His hands. Just hold on. Her smile is about to light up your world!

    And I’m not surprised at Nick. You knew he was amazing. He’s getting a chance to show it in unforeseen ways right now. Thank God for him.


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