Why is this post necessary?

  1. There is a slight possibility that I’ve attracted some new readers.
  2. Life often refuses to slow down long enough for me write about her.



This, is me:


I’m a wife and a mom of two small kids. (Yeah, I know. It’s often a “holy frick” reminder for me about every other day.) I’m intentional in my womanhood and Blackness. Forgive the corniness of this statement, but I sometimes feel like I want to stretch my arms wide enough to hug all of the children in the world.

Some people feel drawn to champion for the unborn. But I spend most of my daylight hours helping already broken and silenced children express themselves and find their way out of the darkest of situations. I seek to help them find their inner light that I believe all children have. I’ve been told by colleagues in the past that pervasive mental illness can, in fact, make a kid a “bad kid”, and that they cannot, ultimately, be helped.

I will never agree with that train of thought; to me there are no “bad kids”. I’m often alone in that camp.

While we’re on that subject, I love being a therapist. It’s how I preach and do ministry. It’s sacred ground and I feel privileged every time someone tells me their story. I often give all that I have at work but the moment I see my family I can tap into a reservoir that is only for them.

My babies.

There are times when I look at them that I see the remainder of what is honorable and pure about the human race. Goodness begins and ends with them. They tire me out in a way that is staggering, but just the sight of them replenishes me to overflowing. I weep from my soul for those I know that have yet to experience this.

My husband.

There is probably not a more patient man that exists on this planet. The longer we are together, the more commitment, companionship, and friendship make me hotter towards him than physique or a grand romantic gesture. I often want to hide him away from the world, but I knew from day 1 that I’d gone and fallen in love with a visionary and that I’d have to share him with everyone. It’s a weekly battle for me, still.

My faith.

I love Jesus Christ with all of me. The goodness and grace of my God is the light I carry within my soul, and I shudder at the thought of pushing others away from that Light through misrepresentation. I do hope that, at some point, people will recognize my good deeds as the Light and not my personality or even my choices. This world can be so dark. I think we can all agree that Light is necessary.

I’ve conquered/am conquering depression. Grief/loss. Pride. Lust. Self-Pity. Anger. Low self-esteem. Anxiety. I did not endure simply to squander my lessons or my life. I have a story to share. And I’ve been compelled to tell it.


Very nice to meet you!

I’d love to hear your stories, too. Share in the comments section 🙂


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