Book Number Two…

My second book, aptly entitled “Letters To My Mother” will be a collection of essays & prose to both chronicle this essential relationship and to provide a heartfelt tribute to my own mother.

Although it feels like I am early in this journey of motherhood, I am often reminded that a woman’s journey (if she desires) actually begins with how she is mothered.

I am simultaneously excited, terrified, & ready.

Keep an eye out for more special announcements and the official release date. 💖💖




I just self-published my first collection of poetry. It took me much longer than I’d like to admit, but I did it. Something concrete that I created is public. Open to be consumed and critiqued. Interpreted.

I hope people are inspired. I hope people understand me more. I hope to help others put their books out. I hope this is just the beginning.

I feel clean. Like I’ve made a lengthy confession about my first 31 years. Now that this is done, I can move on, and write more honestly. Clearer. Some of the poems in this book represent a trek from mindsets that I don’t even hold anymore. Battle wounds that are simply scars.


It’s done.

If you’re interested, find the book here:

For James